Hammertoe is a deformity of the toe(s); they bend at the middle joint and resemble a hammer. When suffering with hammer toe sometimes it is difficult to find comfortable shoes, may develop corns or calluses on the tops or tips of the toes. Sometimes it can cause pain in the toes and feet and be difficult to find shoes that fit comfortably.

Hammertoe can be caused from wearing shoes that do not fit properly, genes, or arthritis. There is an inherited tendency to develop hammertoes because your feet are unstable – They can be flat or have a high arch. Thus resulting in a Hammertoe which is where there is a muscle and ligament imbalance around the joint in the toe which causes it to bend and stick in that position.

Treatment for hammertoe starts conservatively with shoes that have soft roomy toes, do not wear high heels, ice can help reduce the painful swelling, non-medicated hammertoe pads that feel around the toe joint and help relieve painful pressure.

When hammertoes become too painful it is recommended to visit Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia. They can continue to instruct you further with drugs that can reduce inflammation, cortisone injections that can relieve pain, may recommend foot exercises to help restore balance, even splinting in the early stages.

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When hammertoes are not resolved through conservative treatments, surgery may be the next step. This procedure is the process of straightening the toe and restoring it to its original shape and alignment. There are several different surgical procedures that can be chosen between based on factors including structural nature, age, number of toes to be corrected, and the severity of the damage to the toes. Once all these factors are considered our talented podiatrist here at the Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia will perform one of the successful hammertoe surgeries, including fusion of the toe bones, removal of part of the bone in the affected toes. After hammertoe surgery you can walk immediately in a protective walking boot. Normally in 6 week or until the end of your recovery period, sometimes there is swelling near the surgical site, this is normal.

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